About a year ago I had the opportunity to photograph The Schultzes. With Boone in all of his blue-eyed glory being tickled into sheer joy by his dad...and Cheyenne expecting a baby girl...I just didn't think it could get much better than that. But a year later, Boone manages to be even cuter than his former self and Crew -- with her wonderous blue eyes and sweet smile. But even in all their cuteness, something bigger leaves an impression on me. I want to bottle up a little bit of what these guys have and do extensive research on it. There is just a true sense of freedom and joy welling up inside these four. It can't be contained. Boone is living this incredible little life where his uniqueness is encouraged and Crew is loved more than her little self can even comprehend. And, yet, there is a sense of balance. Of intentional parenting. And just a sweetness that you can smell from a mile away. Such a joy to witness these guys in action. I'm beyond blessed by their friendship.

Cheyenne and Geoff are incredible artists and they run their business with so much heart. It makes the world a better place. Truly an honor to document these guys loving their adorable offspring. 


There's something about those moments before the moments. The ones where a bride is peacefully preparing to celebrate an occasion that is going to change the rest of forever. A collection of small but memorable minutes that equal something important. I love the beauty that comes before the real thing. Though the real thing is pretty spectacular too.

Lori. A beautiful bride in beautiful light. Getting ready for something real.


Two of the kindest souls...Kathryn and Jon. And madly in love. And married in her sister's backyard. Recipe for good things.

Kathryn and Jon have been dating since high school. They have this rich history that seemed to permeate their entire wedding day. There wasn't a person attending this wedding without a smile plastered on their face. Just a sense that something that was always going to happen was finally coming to life. And I felt so privielged to have documented the joy that unfolded. Even with tons of family and friends surrounding them, there was an intimacy present throughout the entire day. The kind that only comes from knowing each other for a decade. Selfless and truly kind...these two just deserve each other. Kathryn and Jon, thanks for letting me in on a little of your magic...

A lot of this beauty you'll see below is courtesy of the talented team at Hall and Webb. Always thankful for an opportunity to work with these ladies! Hair and Make Up by the wonderful Kymm McLean. And Sarah of Two Cents backing me up all day second shooting!



I've always been a sucker for a good collaboration. Working alongside people inspires me and just makes me happy. I love witnessing people in their work environment -- watching them make magic from their head come to life. I had the undeserved privilege of working alongside Ashley Hayward of Ruffled and McKinna Hahn of House of Ceremony a couple weeks ago. Ashley put together this beautiful Autumn inspiration for brides and McKinna wore incredible dresses that danced in the fall light.

Just a few favorites for now. More coming on Ruffled later this week. Styling by Ashley. She has talent exploding out of herself. Headpiece by McKinna. This dress by BHLDN. Other dress from McKinna's vintage collection. See similar items in her shop.


Laurel and Kevin. Phhewww. These two.

I get this little peek into the souls of all the people I photograph. I love that about being a documentarian. The subtleties, the exchange of glances, the things that make people so interesting. And I feel so thankful to photograph wedding days from this unique perspective. When I first met Laurel and Kevin over pastries I knew they had something good...something that would be evident even through a lens. They both live so much life in every moment and it brings a lot of joy to witness it.

I was lucky enough to witness it on one of the most beatiful days at Adams Pond. Sun shining through the Spanish moss while these two gave every ounce of themselves to one another in front of some really happy friends and family.

Laurel is an incredible artist and Kevin, a graphic designer and I, a humble and thankful photographer.



It's not every time that this much magic happens.

A man and a lady in a dog park talking about running shoes. Hours later it's a date. Weeks later it's a running partner. Years later it's a marriage.

Something really lovely happened when I met Leslie. We got coffee and we talked. We pondered life. Careers. Moves. Weddings. God. I happened to mention this life-giving church that I have made my home over the past few years. Leslie and Kent happened to be looking for a church. Next Sunday they were there. And the next one too. And there were a lot of Sundays between that first meeting and this incredible wedding day. And the beautiful thing is that by the time this wedding day happened, I was photogprahing new friends...not the girl who I met in the bakery that day and her fiance.

There were so many raw and happy moments in this day. So many of those good smiles during the ceremony. The kind that are plastered on the faces of the guests who can't believe you could end up with someone so right for you. So many laughs shared and so much good food eaten.

Truly a privilege to document. 

And all this beauty came to life at the Blowing Rock Lake House thanks to Katrina from Come Together Events and Lynette at the Bloom Room. Dream team.