Heather and Garrett were married in a tiny town on the water called Swansboro. It's the happiest little place. A couple blocks make up the downtown and it's complete with all the necessities..a deli, a diner, a couple convenient stores, and the kindest people. Nothing over the top. Just enough. And, truly, Heather and Garrett live their lives with a similar philosophy. Two of the most down to earth people I have had the opportunity to get to know. And their wedding was a refelction of just that. Two people simply in love. Celebrating in Grandma's backyard. A yard that saw Garrett grow up and then marry the love of his life. 

Heather and Garrett's wedding day was just "them." Superheroes in the boutinerres...salt and peper shakers from Heather's age old collection dotting the tables, wild flowers and simple dresses. No wedding-day-have-tos. Just "them." Heather happens to be an incredibly talented designer and she crafted all the paper goods and signs you'll see in the photos. You can check out her stuff right here.

I love a gray day. Especially one that ends with a tiny bit of sunshine. So thankful to have met Heather and Garrett and to have had the opportunity to document so much that is good.


There's something about those moments before the moments. The ones where a bride is peacefully preparing to celebrate an occasion that is going to change the rest of forever. A collection of small but memorable minutes that equal something important. I love the beauty that comes before the real thing. Though the real thing is pretty spectacular too.

Lori. A beautiful bride in beautiful light. Getting ready for something real.


Two of the kindest souls...Kathryn and Jon. And madly in love. And married in her sister's backyard. Recipe for good things.

Kathryn and Jon have been dating since high school. They have this rich history that seemed to permeate their entire wedding day. There wasn't a person attending this wedding without a smile plastered on their face. Just a sense that something that was always going to happen was finally coming to life. And I felt so privielged to have documented the joy that unfolded. Even with tons of family and friends surrounding them, there was an intimacy present throughout the entire day. The kind that only comes from knowing each other for a decade. Selfless and truly kind...these two just deserve each other. Kathryn and Jon, thanks for letting me in on a little of your magic...

A lot of this beauty you'll see below is courtesy of the talented team at Hall and Webb. Always thankful for an opportunity to work with these ladies! Hair and Make Up by the wonderful Kymm McLean. And Sarah of Two Cents backing me up all day second shooting!