These are a few of my favorite images of Katrina and Hutch being married. A few weeks ago, the three of us frolicked through some tall grass and flowery weeds just because. I think there's something really right about documenting a time in your life just because. Call me a romantic. Or Alladin (my family members have deemed my idealogy "magic carpet world") but I love the innocence found in the small things. Don't get me wrong, I love the excitement of capturing a family right after they have welcomed their first child into the world...or a couple who recently decided they were going to spend the rest of their lives together....or a boy and a girl vowing to love each other forever and ever in front of all their favorite people in the world. But the regular days. The regular days are what life is really made up of. So, needless to say after that little window into my soul, I was really happy when Katrina asked me to document her and Hutch just because

I met Katrina almost a year ago and have watched her grow into wedding-planner-extraordinaire! She is the brains behind Come Together...she is also the list-maker, note-taker, idea-generator, streamer-stringer, inspiration-getter, make-you-forget-all-your-worries-inator. Just call her if you're having a wedding.

Enough of my made-up words. Here they are being married and wonderful.