Kate and Matthew were married on Saturday night. They are so fun together -- it's like they are running around with a secret all the time. I don't even know what that means. But it feels like they have mastered the art of maintaining care-freeness in this busy and chaotic world...what quality could be better on a wedding day?! I can't wait to show you some images from their wedding. But for now feast your eyes on the lovely Kate!


I had the privilege of meeting Jenna and her husband (as of yesterday!) Matt at church right at the beginning of their wedding planning! Since then their friendship has become such a blessing to us and I am more than honored to have photographed their wedding! It was a beautifully unique event at the VanLandigham Estate and I look forward to sharing it soon! Jenna's bridals are such an indication of the style of their wedding...relaxed, whimsical, and natural. Jenna, thanks for being so easy to photograph...and so fun to be with!

carri's bridals - charlotte wedding photographer

Carri and Ryan got married last night at Rocky River Vineyard...looking forward to posting that soon! But for now here are Carri's bridals taken at the Vineyard on one lucky afternoon where the rain stopped for us for one good hour! I think the hazy, after-rain look made the shoot feel pretty romantic.

lauren - bridals

Lauren and Pearson were wed today! I am so antsy to post pictures from their wedding but until that glorious day here are Lauren's bridal portraits! Many thanks to the Link family for scouting some natural beauty in these overgrown fields!

I have so many favorites! More of Lauren and Pearson coming soon!!