Ben and Emily married each other on a day that was full of all the good stuff. Fun friends. Happy family. Good food. And lots of rain drops. The most intuitive intermittent rain drops I've ever encountered. It was like they knew. When Emily walked out the door with the beautiful layers of that dress floating behind her the rain just quietly disappeared. It came back and it fell from the sky in huge drops that reminded me we're just a small piece in this massive thing that God has masterminded. This massive thing in which love plays a most significant role. The rain rolled down the sprawling hills surrounding us at all the right times. But she made herself scarce while Emily and Ben exchanged vows and then later while we documented how much they love each other under the canopy of tall trees. It was so right. Two landscape architects enduring the gray skies to be wed surrounded by so much green. And so much love. I felt so humbled at the end of the day to have witnessed and documented the joining of two of the most genuine and kind people I've had the privilege of knowing. Emily and Ben have something so good and this day was the beautiful beginning of what I know will be an incredible journey. See?

Many thanks to the wonderful staff at The Camp at Eseeola Lodge and to my talented friend Emily for shooting alongside me!