Jessica and Danny were married in the backyard that she grew up playing in. I had the opportunity to visit Jessica there a couple months before all the parts of their wedding started showing up. She showed me the room she used to sleep in and the little lake that she fished in. She told me who lived where and I asked a million questions about growing up in the mountains. I remember pulling out of her long gravel driveway and down the hill thinking the next time I saw the place it would be in the middle of one of the most important days of Jessica's life. I think there's something so incredible about being wed on the ground that was beneath every pair of sneakers you owned your whole life. The ground that you took some of your first wobbly steps on and later entertained you on long summer days. It saw you become you. And then it saw the union of you and someone who was made for you. 

It happened that way. I pulled up to Jessica's house on her wedding day and there was a tent and church pews scattered across the grass in front of the lake. There were deliveries being made and beautifully crafted signage dotting the yard. It was peaceful and I recognized it as the same beautiful place I had visited earlier in the year but with anticipation everywhere.

Jessica and Danny have a good thing. There is just comfort in their presence because they are so right together and I feel honored to have documented this day. Thanks Jessica and Danny!