Brittany sent me an email a while back asking me to photograph her wedding. I read and re-read it -- not quite believing that I could really have the opportunity to work with someone so wonderful. Her email detailed the last several serendipitous years that allowed her to stumble into Taylor's arms. She told colorful stories of the way that God crafted their story and of how they wanted Him to be glorified on their wedding day in the most magical way. It was true and raw. And the emails got sweeter and sweeter as the months passed. I found myself writing novel-length emails to this lovely person who had become a friend. And as I traveled up to Maryland for their wedding day, I felt like I was about to get to document the wedding of two great friends. I couldn't wait to be in their presence though I had yet to ever meet either of them. 

It became evident to me moments after arriving the morning of Brittany and Taylor's wedding, that they touch the lives of so many people around them day in and day out, the same way that they had blessed me from afar for months leading up to their wedding. There were people everywhere at Rocklands Farm just loving them. People talking about their incredible freshness. The liveliness that exudes from them. The beauty that has risen out of their hearts.

This is the stuff that life is made of. And I'm still in awe of this match. Just so right.