Maaaaan. I don't even really know how to describe the incredbile wonder that is the personality living inside of David and Sarah -- respectively. And you could just feel it. On this day. All the joy-filled, teary eyed friends celebrating the incredible fact that two beautiful stories managed to wrap themselves up in each other. 

Two artists. Two carefully crafted souls. Two journies. Two plans. And one big God.

David and Sarah are some of the best people. No other way to say it. They deserve each other and the inevitable joy that life together will bring them.

This wedding day. Three months in the making. Because when you know, you know. And it could not have been more right. I feel so much gratitude that I got to witness the outpouring of love and thankfulness on this day. David and Sarah, it was truly an honor.

A bit of David's genius right here. And Morning Glory Farm right here.