About a year ago I had the opportunity to photograph The Schultzes. With Boone in all of his blue-eyed glory being tickled into sheer joy by his dad...and Cheyenne expecting a baby girl...I just didn't think it could get much better than that. But a year later, Boone manages to be even cuter than his former self and Crew -- with her wonderous blue eyes and sweet smile. But even in all their cuteness, something bigger leaves an impression on me. I want to bottle up a little bit of what these guys have and do extensive research on it. There is just a true sense of freedom and joy welling up inside these four. It can't be contained. Boone is living this incredible little life where his uniqueness is encouraged and Crew is loved more than her little self can even comprehend. And, yet, there is a sense of balance. Of intentional parenting. And just a sweetness that you can smell from a mile away. Such a joy to witness these guys in action. I'm beyond blessed by their friendship.

Cheyenne and Geoff are incredible artists and they run their business with so much heart. It makes the world a better place. Truly an honor to document these guys loving their adorable offspring.