I used to live in a room with neon teal walls with one of my best friends. Those teal walls heard countless dreams and aspirations late at night as we shared from our respective twin beds in the dark. One lofty ambition that made its' way into many of those sleep-deprived conversations was my roomate's longing to work with homeless teenagers. She moved to Denver, Colorado after the teal-wall era ended and began working with an incredible non-profit called Dry Bones. These guys engage in authentic relationships with teenagers and young adults living on the streets of Denver day in and day out. They provide hope and love to a community that has been forgotten about and ignored. It's been an incredible privilege to watch those late-night aspirations become a reality.

After living in Denver for a couple years my used-to-be-roomate found a new roomate. Her name is Kate. And this is her wedding. Kate is pretty wonderful...so full of life and she has a smile that can make bad days delightful in two seconds. She married Mike on top of a mountain a couple weeks ago. But a day before that, Mike and his friends roasted a whole pig and had a pulled pork rehearsal dinner extravaganza. I got to meet so many of Mike and Kate's friends and family while shoving baked beans and cole slaw in my mouth. Every last person I met adores them wholeheartedly. All these people lined up at the bottom of Arapahoe Basin the next day, waiting to ride the ski lift into the clouds to witness Kate and Mike committing their lives to each other. Kate made her way down the aisle and the officiant welcomed everyone and then handed the microphone off to her. Mike and Kate then proceeded to begin their wedding ceremony with words from their very own mouths. Many thanks to people in the crowd. Shout outs to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Public thanks to the examples their parents have set for them. It was a really beautiful way to begin a marriage.

Kate and Mike, thanks for the opportunity to witness and document so much love. Congratulations!