I have a tendency to analyze. I'll come clean. I even like to analyze the analysis. I prefer to use the term "curious" to describe this lovely (and sometimes reprehensible) trait. It's a deep-seated desire to really understand things -- I'll admit, sometimes un-understandable things. But it doesn't stop me from asking an inordinate amount of questions on a particular topic and then following that up with some research and then a poll of some family members. I'm only selling myself out right now because there's power in numbers :) and I met my match in Julie. After swapping some initial emails, Julie and I figured it would be easier to "understand" over the phone so we scheduled a phone call....which was followed by an email and then a few more phone calls and countless additional emails...and I loved every minute of it. Julie and I pondered the pros and cons of potential wedding day schedules and we talked about the benefits of multiple photographers and we ended by investigating the joys of the simple life. Over the course of that time, I got to become friends with Julie. I only wish I had more excuses to photograph her so that we could continue to examine the small things in life.

Julie takes such care in each decision that she makes. It's no wonder that she dreamt up this beautiful affair.

I felt like I already knew Michael when I finally met him on his and Julie's wedding day. He was everything that Julie said he was. Genuine and kind. Welcoming. Easy to be around. Intentional. These two were surrounded by so much love on their wedding day. Family and friends all over the place. And they welcomed us in with open arms. Many thanks to Julie and Michael's families for making Katie and I feel right at home. You guys are too kind! It was an absolute honor to document such a wonderful day in history.

Planner/organizer/dream-maker, Melissa Riley was all over this one. Beautiful, as always!