If you have graduated from college then you know the sheer terror with which you face the world during those last few months while you are pondering what you will do with your life when the party is over. As I became aware of the culmination of my college career, I began thinking about things like "how do you meet people when you don't have built-in-peers through an educational institution?" and "how much money do I actually have to make to survive?" and "why did I tell my parents that a bachelor's degree in psychology was going to take me far in life?"

The answers eventually surfaced during an ambivalent-post-college year in Memphis, Tennessee. What I didn't know then that I can appreciate now in all my wise 28 years of that the most tragic times in our lives yield the most incredible personal growth. I learned a few life lessons on that vulnerable post-college road. One of them: memorizing the flavored syrups at Starbucks has a direct correlation to your value as an employee. 

I had this wonderful opportunity to work with teenagers at a church in Memphis right after college. My syrup-memorization was just a side gig to pad my massive church salary. I loved being able to use some of my life experiences and my recently-acquired psychology skillzz to walk along side some really incredible teenagers. I was able to witness and engage in some of their greatest victories and some of their most trying defeats.

That is where I met Anna. She was 16 (I think) and wiser than any 16 year old is supppsed to be. She had/has the most joyful expressions of anyone I know. You'll see. She laughs with every ounce of her being. And she seriously makes so many people so happy. Including Jeremy...who is oozing with his own fair share of sunny disposition. These two were wed on a hotttt Memphis summer day, 6 years after I had the privilege of meeting Anna. I could not have been more honored to capture these moments.

Anna, you are every bit as wonderful as an adult. I wish you and Jeremy so much happiness.