John is from Canada and Jennifer is from America but both of their hearts are in Africa...the continent on which their fate was sealed. If you happened to see John and Jennifer's engagement pictures then this story will be old news for you. Stop reading here and start over on the next paragraph. Here is a recap: Jennifer quit her job on a whim one summer and got on a plane to go help her cousin make the world a happier place -- it happened to be the part of the world that doesn't have running water or electricity. John joined a small team of Canadian handymen that same summer. Their goal was to create solar electricty for a camp on the shores of Lake Victoria. That's where it all began.

John and Jennfier's wedding took place at a bible camp in the mountains of Virginia. By itself, the place is an absolute sanctuary. It's tucked away in the mountains, surrounded by green peaks in every direction. But on John and Jennifer's wedding day the place was decked out in travel-themed-decor that paid homage to their different cultural roots. A sight to see. Really. There were maps and globes and handmade signage everywhere. There were painted picture frames lining the walkway to the ceremony site (which doubles as a camp fire pit when teenagers are present). There were National Geographic magazines dotting table tops in the reception cabin. The flags of America, Canada, and Africa greeted guests as they rode into the camp on horse and buggy. The dress that Jennifer wore was even reminiscent of the adventuring spirit that brought John and Jennifer together. On a recent trip to Vietnam Jennifer was able to have a friend (who is a seamstress) sew her wedding dress.

It's true. There were beautiful details everywhere you looked on John and Jennifer's wedding day. But that wasn't what made it a beautiful day. The love and happiness shared among friends and family (with accents from all over the world) made it beautiful. The pure excitement shared by two people who are in love and finally get to live in the same town -- that made it beautiful. Being wed in the middle of the forest in the exact place that Jennifer sang by the campfire as a teenager...that made it beautiful.

I am honored to have shared in this day. Happy marriage, John and Jennifer!