I keep this tiny book in the car to document my mielage when I'm diriving to and from weddings and shoots. It's the way of life for small business owners -- it took me a long time to develop the habit...I think my brain is naturally opposed to list making and extensive documentation. But enough of the boring-talk...I mention that because when I documented my travel after arriving home from Amy and Andrew's wedding, it said .8 miles. I felt like a weirdo even writing it down (I don't think my accountant follows the blog but if he did, he would be spinning in his rolly chair out of proudness). Lovely for me that I only had to drive .8 miles to photogprah a wedding...but here's the real story: Amy and Andrew only live .2 miles from me. So they got to get married at this beautiful venue that is practically in their backyard. They can take walks in the neighborhood and say, "remember when we got married over there?"

I think it's poetic and I love it. And I love that I happen to live in the very same neighborhood. From the moment that Amy and Andrew found out that we were all neighbors, they insisted that we meet at their house to chat about their wedding day. Truly, they are some of the most hospitable people I have met. Multiple times they welcomed me into their house and offered me a comfortable seat and a beverage and each time a distinctive (and delicious) aroma escaped from their oven. They love to cook and have people over. I'm telling you - so hospitable. Their wedding day was jam-packed with so many happy friends and family. It was obvious that I'm not the only one who has noticed Amy and Andrew's genuine big-heartedness.

This lovely venue that I'm talking about is The Vanlandingham Estate, tucked away in Plaza Midwood. Hall and Webb Events had things running smoothly all day and the happy flowers were done by Lily Greenthumb's. Enjoy!