A boy from Canada. A girl from North Carolina. A fateful two months in Uganda. 

Jennifer quit her job on a whim one summer and got on a plane to go help her cousin make the world a happier place -- the part of the world that doesn't having running water or electricity. John joined a small team of handymen making a trip from Canada to Africa to create solar electricty for a camp on the shores of Lake Victoria. That's where it began.

After a year of getting to know each other via email from their respective homes, John and Jennifer started to get to know each others' cities. Countless flights later they were wed in the mountains of Virginia. But back up one week. That's where these pictures come in. They are an ode to the long distance relationship. 

John and Jennifer are currently adventuring across the country to their new home. Brittish Columbia. Their multi-cultural wedding will be coming soon.