Milas and Ashley are cherries on top. Ice cream is good (actually, I don't think that at all. I think ice cream is pretty overated but it's nice in my analogy). Ice cream is better with chocolate sauce. Best with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Better than best with chocolate sauce and sprinkles aaaaannd cherries on top. That's Ashley and Milas.  They didn't just get married because it would be lovely. They got married because they found better than best. You can tell that they both think they are the luckiest human on earth for having snagged the other one up. It made their wedding day so joyful.

These two were married under the shade of an enormous tree at The Ranson House. So many beautiful moments witnessed by that tree. The ceremony was a pledge of Ashley and Milas' love to one another...but it was also a declaration of their faith. Such a wonderfully personal ceremony...complete with a side order or gentle wind and rays of sun shining through the tree's oversized leaves. See for yourself!

Here's to cherries, Milas and Ashley!