These are the Nasmyth's. I like them so much. You will too.

Ibrahim (the man in the purple shirt winning the coolest dad award) contacted me months ago about setting up a shoot for his family. He wanted to give his wife the shoot for mother's day and he mentioned that their family had never taken professional photos because they aren't so posey (he might not have used that lame word)...but what he meant was that they didn't want to cheese at the camera for a couple hours in front of a 1980's laser backdrop. That made me happy. So we set the shoot up. Later I found out that I live a couple streets away from the Nasmyth's so we figured it would only be right to shoot in our hood. This is Plaza Midwood. 

The Nasmyth's are happy and playful and so kind to each other. I am honored to have documented them being fun together.