Taylor and I were emailing a couple days before her wedding and I mentioned that I might need clarification on the location of their ceremony. I don't have GPS and my map-reading-skills are less than proficient. She responded with turn-by-turn directions fit for an elementary schooler (thank you Taylor!), but the final sentance in her description said "Cross the small bridge and turn left and you'll drive up on the site...since it's a meadow, it doesn't really have an address."

I was smiling pretty big when I read that. Taylor and Richard were married in a meadow. It was a wide-open, greener than anything you've seen, tucked between the mountains, quaint but vast field of wonder. The already stunning backdrop was transformed into an outdoor chapel of sorts with the help of friends and family. You'll see.

Taylor just got her degree in hospitality and spent some of her college days working at Stick Boy Bread Company in Boone. If you find yourself in the mountains of North Carolina craving baked goods this is your place. You won't be sorry if you have a maple walnut scone. I can vouch. More importantly -- I know Taylor is going to be incredible at any job she does in the hospoitality field because she is oozing with kindness. And it clearly runs in the family. I wanted to be friends with all these guys by the time the wedding was over!

Post-wedding-ceremony, Taylor and Richard scoped out a spot down by the water to spend their first 10 minutes being married alone...to really soak up the goodness of being wed. I like that. Their wedding day was packed with tons of little moments like that. So much intentionality. Every time someone got on a microphone the sniffles ensued. Just a lot of really heart felt and wonderful people. It was such an honor to capture it. 

Aaannnd, if you're wondering how all of this came together....It's Melissa Riley of Day of your Dreams. She is wonder woman. And lastly, all of the uniquely beautiful flowers were done by Desi.