Jessica and Jack exchanged vows surrounded by hundreds (no exaggerating going on here) of roses in full bloom. When I walked through the gates into the McGill Rose Garden on Jack and Jessica's wedding day, there were just vibrant colors dotting a sea of green as far as I could see. I had been to the garden before and probably called it "pretty" but this was something crazy. There were just bushes of boldly colored blooms everywhere. And they weren't the overly-manicured type that make you feel like you should adore them from afar while sitting comfortably on a bench in the shade. They were kind of wild -- varying in shapes and sizes. Some were enormous and some were tiny and intricate. And they were definitely the type that you should feel free to frolic amongst. It was really so beautiful. I apologize in advance if the pictures don't make you feel like frolicking. You shoulda been there.

I later found out that the wonderland of flowers had a name. It was called "peak weekend." It arrived a couple weeks sooner than it usually does and it was responsible for creating the magical environment that Jessica and Jack got to be married in. So cool of God to do that.

Jessica and Jack's wedding is contending for the most laid back wedding I have ever photographed. It was just really pure. It was about two people giving their lives to each other. And there was so much joy because of that. And nothing else really mattered. Pure. That's what it was.

I knew in advance that this wedding day would be full of laughs. This is how I knew. And I was right. But I will let you see for yourself. In just a second. Last thing: all the flowers were done by Nectar. They work their magic from inside the tiny building on the Rose Garden property but they do flowers for weddings and events everywhere. And they are good. Some of the best.

Congratulations Jessica and Jack!