Brittney and Jeff were married at Morning Star Ministries -- church meets hotel with a side order of amusement park. When I met with Brittney months ago and she began to unfold her vision for their wedding, she mentioned that they were thinking of doing their reception on "main street" at Morning Star. She explained it to me..."it's a street but it's indoors and it has little shops and the ceiling looks like a sky..." so naturally I thought of Disney World and when I revealed my mind's picture to Brittney I was surprised to find out that in its' glory days Morning Star Ministries was, in fact, an amusement park complete with a main street and castle. It was known as Heritage USA. And I had not known of it at all (I'm probably the only one) but right after mine and Brittney's meeting I did a little research. So interesting. If you're equally as behind on 1980's Christian Pop Culture in the southeast, you can catch up right here.

On Brittney and Jeff's wedding day, I finally saw main street decked out in the vision that Brittney had been describing to me and it was beautiful! Brittney is a graphic designer and Jeff is on the video team at Morning Star so they've got creative covered. Actually, they moved from North Carolina to Florida a couple years ago to go to design school together. They returned to Charlotte with two degrees and a plan to be wed. Brittney is so kind and thoughtful. Jeff has never met a stranger and I know because I was one and he never made me feel like it. They are head over heels for each other and I am so honored to have documented this day that their best man said "has been a long time coming."

Happy Marriage, Brittney and Jeff!