When Riley was six months old, I laid my eyes on her and was certain that she had reached the pinnacle of cuteness. I could hardly edit the images without driving back over to the Williams house to squeeze her. Her cheeks and her insanely blue eyes and her little legs. Well, it turns out I was wrong. I encountered Riley as a one year old a couple weeks ago and this is what I saw:

Unbelievable - I know. She couldn't be any cuter.

Riley just learned how to romp so we headed out to the woods so she could try out her walking legs and we decided that a baby in a soft blanket in the woods is pretty irresistable so we just threw ourselves down and watched Riley be Riley. I know I'm not a mom so I might not be allowed to say this, but I think one year olds are where it's at. I kinda wish they came out as a one year old and stayed that way for a year. There is something about the way they look at things -- with such adventure in their eyes. And their diapers squished into some little pants while they are learning to walk. I love it.

Melissa and Jeremy are so joyful and carefree and loving and you can tell it's rubbing off all over Riley and it makes me so happy. I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to work with you guys a couple times. I can't wait til the next one!