This is Elizabeth. She is the photographer and dreamer behind Almond Leaf Studios. She is full of life and creativity.

I met Elizabeth's photos before I met her. I found myself engulfed in the stories she was telling (of places far away) through her images, before I even knew who she was. I admired her commitment to giving a voice to the "voiceless" through her imagery of Africa and of starved and enslaved people all over the world. Through our work with Silent Images, we eventually crossed paths and it wasn't long before I knew that being around Elizabeth inspired me. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to share a bit of life with her -- way too many hours spent theorizing about art and photography...a few hours spent editing across the table from one another with a couple cups of coffee...some location-scouting drives...and one collaboration project with the intent of challenging ourselves.

And now Elizabeth is off on her next adventure: a relocation to Indiana to explore a new chapter of life. Just before she left, I had the incredible privilege of photographing her! It's not right that one person can be so good on both sides of the camera.