I am so happy to share these images. They are dripping with the amazing talent of so many wonderful wedding vendors here in Charlotte (credits at the end). This little project was born out of my personal love for all things mid century modern -- and the insane amount of inspiration that pours from Ashley Haywards' mind and heart. Ashley works as the blog coordinator for Ruffled but she happens to live in Charlotte and I happen to be lucky enough to be friends with her! When we met months ago and decided to create something together it became clear that we were both intrigued by the melding of tradition and modernism that happened in the 1950's, and the art and creativity that was born out of that. We were hoping that our nerd-talk could eventually grow into a shoot that nods to the 1950's sub-culture but also inspires modern day brides. I say we, but Ashley is actually the mastermind. We recruited all the talented people that we know to help out and this is what they created:

Makeup and Hair: Elizabeth Tolley, Head Piece: McKinna Hahn of Ceremony, Flowers: Lynette from The Bloom Room, Cake and Cupcakes: Cake Lady Jill, Invitations: Ello There, The models are just happy people who happen to be beautiful and willing....you may remember MacKenzie from this. Jenn and Brad are new friends...and I happened upon their good looks and happy-go-luckyness through Jenn's wonderful blog about life with a child who has Danger for a middle name. Check it out!