The Wallings Jr. -- formerly (and formally) known as Taylor and Courtney Walling were married in the fall of two thousand nine and have since been on a journey of jobs and life happenings that led them from Oklahoma to North Carolina with a few stops in between....and all the while they have been singing about it. They are an incredibly talented family band...more like family duo...their original music feels a little folksy with ever-present beautiful harmonies and compelling lyrics. Just listen for won't be sorry.

When I stepped into Taylor and Courtney's hand-crafted backyard wedding a few years ago, I knew that they would forever be fulfilling new and unique creative notions. Courtney keeps a record of a few of those imaginitive inclinations on her blog. Head over there when you're in need of a crafty distraction. Needless to say, I think these two will be dreaming up projects together for a long time. I was delighted when Taylor and Courtney approached me about doing a shoot with some album photos in mind. Here are the fruits: