I feel like a lot of women just have this built-in affinity for pregnancy. They call it beautiful, natural, and miraculous. I call it scary, huge, and uncomfortable. Honestly, I've always known that babies were little bundles of tinyness and wonder...but I wasn't sure the whole process was really that beautiful. The idea of a human growing inside a body just feels really alien to me. But God is patient with idiots and after witnessing close friends walk (stulmble may be more accurate) through this incredible process I've grown increasingly more amazed at God's artistry.

Nicole was a truly beautiful pregnant woman. I say was because she had her little guy six days ago. He came almost a month early...just couldn't wait to see what all the noise was about. Nicole and Tracy were absolutely smitten with Jax before he even arrived. I loved the way they talked about the anticipation of his humble. I was really honored to have the opportunity to witness and document Nicole's pregnant belly as she is an incredible photographer herself! She specializes in babies and kids so I'm sure Jax will be starring on the blog in no time. Here's to a happy, healthy baby!

Jax, here is what you looked like a week ago :)