Steve and MaryBeth's wedding day was preceded by a day of wiffle ball on the beach that concluded with a pizza party. You wish you were invited?

Fun was busting out of every seam that it could. Steve and Marybeth are Wisconsin-transplants living in Charlotte so they decided to have a wedding at the beach and bring everyone who would come (sorry if you RSVP'ed NO and now you're reading about wiffle ball and having RSVPers remorse). There were family members and friends from all over the place and it felt like everyone had known each other forever. I think that's just the way it feels when you hang out with Steve and MaryBeth. These two rented a great house on Folly Beach which was just close enough to Charleston to soak up all the history and good eats. Their wedding ceremony took place just over the dunes, and it was followed by happy hour on the beach while the sun was setting. The reception was a walk up the boardwalk to the porch -- good food, good music, and beautiful weather.

MaryBeth plans big time events for a corporation so she warned me that she might be in the zone on the day of her wedding...but there wasn't even a trace of control-freak. She and Steve made a plan to meet each other just before the wedding on Morris Island, which was just a few miles from the ceremony location and has a great view of the Morris Island Lighthouse. None of us knew that the parking lot was a 10 minute walk on toasty sand to the beach. Steve and I endured it and then we called to warn MaryBeth. She took off her shoes and hauled it and still looked good when she got there...a labor of love! I was sweating after three steps.

Such a wonderful wedding day. Thanks for letting me be a part of it you guys.

One last comment: most intense cake-feeding I have ever seen.