The Tucker's invited me into their happy home a few weeks ago to document their beautiful son's first days of life. Just upon my first steps past the front door, I was intrigued by all the love that they have obviously given their home. Matt and Angela have totally refurbished the inside of their house with incredible combinations of bright paint, vintage patterns, antique furniture, modern lines, and coziness. It was like I knew the personality of their family from having just glanced at the first two rooms in their house. Laid back and charming with a few hidden quirks.

Laid back hardly does the Tucker's justice. They were so easy going about all the shenanigans that occurred during the shoot. We found out just how unpredictable the bodily functions of a 6 day old are! 

Angela and Matt are taking such perfect care of their new little guy. I know from my 2 hours with these guys that Oliver is going to grow up being loved for who he is...and I'm almost certain that one of those lovable characteristics is going to be artistic handy-ness!