You are about to witness round two of the incredible Williams family. Here is round one if you missed the fun. The first time I spent a couple of hours with these three Melissa and Jeremy were brand new parents and Riley was a teeny little newborn. I left feeling so joyful and thankful that I had the opportunity to experience the first couple days of their beautiful family...then I sat down in front of the computer and tried to put into words how moving Melissa and Jeremy's love for Riley was...and now after reviewing round one again, I am convinced that it is impossible to explain what happens in the Williams house. So this time I won't try...I will just say that they love Riley so right. And it is truly moving to watch the three of them in action. Particularly the action of Jeremy repetitively tossing Riley in the air to produce the perfect open-mouth, free-floating, and full of joy reaction. Jeremy, please tell your biceps thanks a million. Enjoy!