I met Andy four years ago when we worked at the same summer camp for a week. I met Melissa three years ago when she came to work at summer camp with Andy. Andy has an affinity like no other for this particular camp. He grew up going to the camp and the summer he got too old to be a camper he started working at the camp. He may one day be the director of this camp. Obviously, Melissa had no choice but to like camp...or at least pretend she liked it. I love that I had the opportunity to witness Melissa not just putting up with countless bug bites and perpetual sweat, but loving every minute of it. Melissa and Andy give so much of themselves to the kids who can't get enough of them at camp. They are both selfless and encouraging...and fun. Fun might be an understatement for Andy.

Andy and Melissa were married at The Sonnet House just outside of Birmingham, Alabama...but the week before you could find them in the mountains of South Carolina getting their camp on. Committed. Andy and Melissa's wedding day was in the middle of July but the morning of their wedding we were greeted with surprisingly nice weather...meaning the sweat only half-way drenches your clothes. We kept looking at the clouds all afternoon during pictures wondering if they would allow Melissa and Andy's outdoor ceremony and reception to go off without a hitch. The sky was dry at 6 o'clock as all the guests took their seats and the wedding party lined up to walk down the aisle. I took my spot on the ground at the front of the aisle, getting ready for the action to start...and I thought I felt a rain drop. No way. It will wait just 15 more minutes. Then another drop. The guests all start looking at each other with confused eyebrows (you know the kind? they make you look like an old man teacher). It's only a matter of minutes before the sky opens up and guests are running to get cover. The shower lasts about 5 minutes. The wonderful groomsmen grab towels and start drying off the seats for attempt number two and as they are nearing the last couple of rows the second shower begins. I guess this is the true meaning of scattered thunderstorms. Such torture. The Sonnet House team turns into super heros and gets the ceremony moved inside in minutes. Andy and Melissa were serious troopers -- it's that camp thing. Flexibility required.

Such an adventurous wedding day....Enjoy!