Matt and Jenna have something pretty special. The jury is still out on whether or not I am a believer in soul mates… but if they exist these two are it. There is something incredible about witnessing two souls that you know were made to fit together like puzzle pieces. It's moving. There were a few times throughout their wedding day that my viewfinder became mysteriously foggy :) The weepies were hard to hold back in the presence of two people uniting -- who you can tell are perfectly suited for one another.

Matt is an electrician, a drummer, and an old school Volkswagen owner and lover. Jenna is a nurse, a dog lover, and a free-spirit. They both love traveling. Maybe a tour around the country in the Volkswagen van is in their future? Either way, I know these two will have some out-of-this-world adventures together.

The wedding took place right in my backyard at the VanLandingham Estate! This beautiful, historic, now bed and breakfast is tucked away in Plaza Midwood and it was the perfect spot for Matt and Jenna's afternoon wedding. I will let you see all the wonderful details for yourself! The gorgeous cake was made and decorated by Jenna's talented sister! More info on that soon!

Matt and Jenna, I admire the humility and intentionality in your relationship so much. Thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding day!