I love the mountains. There is something about being in them that makes me feel so carefree...and small. Not small in a sad and unimportant way, but small as in everything's going to be ok. In the presence of mountains you become this small speck staring up at a sky full of grand peaks that have stared back at people for countless years. It puts things back in perspective for me. The mountains just feel right. A wedding in the mountains feels like porch-sitting with a glass of lemonade...perfect. Starr and Neil got married in Valle Crucis at a tiny mountain church and then had their reception right down the street at this beautifully rustic barn built in 1911, affectionately called the Apple Barn.

You are about to see for yourself that their wedding was designed with much care and attention to detail. So many intentional little wedding-day-creations that gave their wedding such personality. But the personality I really want to mention is Starr's. She was radiating emotion all day long -- and by this I don't mean that she was an emotional wreck. I mean that she and Neil truly experienced their wedding day...they were both totally present and frankly overjoyed! Emotions on the sleeve doesn't even cut it. It was such an honor to capture the smiles and tears that they shared through out the day. Starr and Neil are incredibly generous and down-to-earth and that was reflected on their wedding day. So refreshing to see two people have a beautiful wedding that's not about the wedding but about the marriage. Their relationship inspires...I'll leave it at that!

If you like long things this will be right up your ally...enjoy!