Jen and Jim get the award for most-tolerant-ever-of-an-insanely-hot-engagement-session. All three of us were roasting our pants off a few weeks ago when we shot these. We would get in the car to travel to the next location and then upon arrival we would just sit there...all of us too afraid to go back out and get scorched. It was like a race...get as much A/C as you can in the car and run out and take some pictures and then run back in before you melt. Unbelievable. Jen and Jim manhandled it. These guys met through a friend when Jen was living in Charlotte and Jim was living in Pennsylvania. They kept things going long-distance for years before Jim moved to Charlotte...and you can tell they are still excited about living in the same city! They enjoyed each other so much in spite of the blazing heat...I can't imagine how much they love each other on a normal day. These two have a beach wedding coming up in the fall...woohoo! Thanks for being such good sports Jen and Jim!

A few favorites from the session: