I am so humbled by the sight of Maggie and Phillip's wedding on the Style Me Pretty Blog today! I have seen the work of many photographers that I admire grace the pages of Style Me Pretty, and for months I have had a little business goal brewing. As the owner, photographer, edit-er, marketer, financer of Red White and Green sometimes I get a little too close to all of it and it becomes difficult to gauge the quality of the work. Needless to say, the email containing the words "your work has been chosen for a Style Me Pretty feature" was a nice little piece of affirmation. I never want to be solely inspired or encouraged by the trend or the opinion of the masses. I want to stay true to the style of Red White and Green and continue to grow and challenge myself as an artist...but a little blog-love feels pretty darn good! The ladies over at Style Me Pretty keep the content fresh and unique and I truly feel privileged to have dotted their page with Maggie and Phillip's backyard shindig earlier today! Thanks a ton to SMP! Here is the feature...go check it out!