Maggie and Phillip are so many wonderful of them is double-married. About a year ago these two went to Taiwan along with family and friends to have a traditional Taiwanese wedding ceremony...I saw pictures that have become the latest and greatest trading cards...and let me tell ya, it looked incredible! But here we are a year later in Charlotte for Maggie and Phillips "American" wedding and one might think that the second wedding would be low key and simple...nope! How about beautifully decorated in an unbelievable backyard with an incredibly fun bridal party and tons of gorgeous details. It was such a laid back and beautiful day and I can't wait to show it to you...but until then here is a little glimpse into the wonder of Maggie and Phillip! They decided to do a before-sesion two days prior to their wedding ceremony so that they could have a few hours without any pressure to capture just the two of them! Grand idea!!