I mentioned in the previous post (of Cassie and Joel's photobooth) that this wedding ceremony was one of the most touching ceremonies I have ever photographed. I'm not a big much so that sometimes I try to make myself cry when it feels like it would be appropriate :) But when Cassie walked down the aisle, the look on Joel's face had the back of camera smudged with tears (and sweat)...and this was after Cassie and Joel had already seen each other during their "first sight!" Another tear jerker.

This whole "first sight" business always gets couples talking. There is the wonderful benefit of an incredibly memorable moment shared between about-to-be-husband-and-wife all alone (not to mentioned the extra time for creative photographs) but then there is the unparalleled sensation of seeing each other for the first time as the bride walks down the aisle. Cassie and Joel are proof that the first sight does not weaken the beauty of that moment one bit. Their entire day was packed with so many meaningful glances between each other and so many tears of happiness! I was relishing the opportunity to capture such sweetness! There were so many picture-worthy moments. Times where one picture would typically suffice, but in this case all five had different expressions that told the story of Cassie and I want to warn that this is yet another long blog post! 

The wedding took place at an incredible venue just a bit outside of Charlotte called 1812 Hitching Post. The venue is beautiful but the care that was taken by Wendy and her team to make the day run smoothly was impeccable! Cassie and Joel incorporated so many fun favorite: the guest favors...hankies for the ladies and chocolate cigars for the gents! I also wanted to mention the paper goods that were gorgeous! Cassie worked online with a designer to carry the same theme from their invitations to their programs and everything in between and they turned out beautifully!

One last thing...I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that when Cassie and Joel exited their ceremony the sweet flower girl busted out down the aisle and cut in front of them to dust the walkway with more petals for their footsteps! I'm pretty sure if there had been an endless supply of petals she would've preceded Cassie's footsteps with flowers all night long! So sweet! 

Cassie and two are wonderful! I am so happy I had the privilege of meeting you! Congratulations!

This last image is courtesy of the wonderful Kasey, photobooth artist extraordinaire (don't believe me...see the next post)!