Maggie and Phillip's wedding day was one of the most laid back and happy -- no happy doesn't even cut it...cheerful or jolly (or something that means an incredible amount of smiling and laughing and lightheartedness) -- wedding days I have ever photographed! There are probably so many reasons why...but my favorite one is that these two have been dating since high school! I'm pretty sure I heard the number 12 said a few in 12 years! That's how long they have been dating! So I'm sure some of the footloose and fancy-free nature of their wedding day can be attributed to the wonder of knowing someone for 12 years!

If you are reading about Maggie and Phillip for the first time, take a timeout from this post and click on this one. You will find a little more of Phillip and Maggie's history over there and a lot more of their good looks. I loved having the opportunity to photograph Phillip and Maggie in their wedding get-up a few days prior to their wedding. It was wonderful getting to know who they are and how they interact before shooting their wedding, but it was also INCREDIBLE having that much time to be creative and romp around in tall grass.

There were so many fun, handmade details that Maggie and Phillip incorporated into their wedding day. Let me name a few...Maggie got all of her bridesmaids white Toms to wear at the reception and she drew amazing designs on each one! Maggie and Phillip trading cards (wallet sized pictures from their Taiwan wedding) were available for all the guests! The family dog on Maggie's side was the ring bearer and he sat patiently with the groomsmen throughout the whole ceremony. The cake and cupcakes were made by a family member and decorated with dainty wildflowers from the local farmer's market. I could go on and on...and I really want to but I should stop and let you look at the pictures! But let me just say that the food was fantastic! Two cultures were represented with a full blown vegetarian menu provided by JoJo's China Bistro and an incredible southern spread of pork barbecue and all the typical sides. The barbecue was courtesy of Paul's NC BBQ.

Phillip and Maggie are really two wonderful people and they make the world a better place by being married to each other! And I feel honored to have captured it! Warning: this is a long one so grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut (oh, did I say they had doughnuts flown in from NY with one of their guests for dessert...they were incredible!) and sit back and enjoy!