I have to confess that from the minute McKenzie told me her fiance's name was Brian I got stuck on Father of the Bride. The fiance character's first name is Brian in the movie, but it's the fact that his last name is McKenzie...and I guess I've seen the movie a few too many times because every time I heard Brian and McKenzie in the same sentence I pictured Fronk and Steve Martin pulling some shenanigans. I am happy to announce that Fronk was not the wedding planner at this wedding and Mckenzie's dad is way more under control than Steve Martin!

McKenzie and Brian were married at a beautiful old church just minutes from the house that McKenzie grew up in and across the street from her elementary school. It's called Philadelphia Presbyterian Church. And it's also only a few miles away from the Pine Lake Country Club where the reception took place. It's especially wonderful that Brian and McKenzie were married in the neighborhood because they've been dating since high they tied the knot on their old stomping grounds!

I might be wrong but I think this was the first time I photographed a couple who has been dating since high school and it was so evident to me on their wedding day why these two survived. They are some of the most faithful and selfless people I have ever met. McKenzie could not possibly have another ounce of joy living inside of her. She is so smiley and full of life and I'm not sure that anyone could be around her and not be happy. I could tell from a mile away that Brian adores her so much. But, had I not been able to tell, I would've figured it out when Brian grabbed the microphone after the toasts during their reception and publicly declared how incredible his new wife is! You can just tell that they've survived years together and are in it for the long haul! My favorite part of the day was witnessing McKenzie being prayed over by her mom and bridesmaids and wonderful friend who did her makeup. It was such a deep and rich moment...and there a few pictures documenting the tears it produced from almost everyone in the room!

McKenzie and Brian, best of luck to you two on your journeys!