Sara and Jason got married on one of the first sunny days Charlotte had seen in a week or so and I guess that God thought we were having withdrawals because when it came back it was fierce! But that didn't stop Jason and Sara from having an incredible outdoor wedding at Freedom Park! Sara told me that she wanted to do things a little differently and you could see her little personal touches all over the place at their wedding! You've seen Chuck Taylor's at a wedding Groomsmen in suits with Chuck Taylors...or the bride changes into a pair for the reception...WELL, Sara went all out and bought all of her bridesmaids white and teal Converse to wear with their dresses! It was so fun and since their dresses were knee length they got to show them off all day. Every bridesmaids wear sneakers all day! But the best part of Jason and Sara's wedding day was all the wonderful help from family and friends. Their wedding was truly a group effort. It was so neat to watch friends and family jump in and help create beautiful flowers and a cake and do the set-up and take down. It made the day feel so laid back and homey. At one point in the day I heard Sara say, "I have the best friends and family in the world.." and she just scanned the crowd and smiled. It was so great to watch her and Jason get married in front of so many people that love and care about them! Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your wedding day!