Megan and Boone are INCREDIBLE! I've never witnessed such a fun mother-son relationship...I know my words won't be able to do it justice. I knew before I even met Megan that she was going to be wonderful because she is sisters with Riley's mom, Melissa. Remember those guys? I went on and on about how great they were and now I've had the privilege of learning that it's in their blood! Megan and Boone drove up from South Carolina and Megan had the car packed with countless props and outfit choices and every time we stopped at a new location she would just throw open the trunk and let me take my pick! But the truth is, these two could've come with nothing but themselves and the pictures would still be so full of life. They love each other so well. Boone is so interested in the world...he's a little explorer. He kept saying "after this picture, can I show you a good spot?" And then he would take me on an adventure across a parking lot or up a staircase. Megan is such a fun mom...I know Boone has no idea - but she makes his world so cool.

Megan collects old cameras and Boone has an obsession with them but they only come out to be played with on special occasions so Megan brilliantly brought them along as props and Boone got so into it...only after Megan used her special mom powers to get him to forget about his blue and yellow dump truck that Megan told me never leaves his side! If I'll close my yapper you can see for yourself how fun and happy they are! Meet Megan and Boone: