I think this is the fourth time I've had the incredible honor of photographing the Caldwell family…and I never get sick of it…I hope I get to do it forever! This time Holland and Cole are three years old and they're so much fun! Every time I finish photographing the Caldwell's I start packing up all my gear and I just can't help myself...I launch into a little speech about how wonderful and laid back and well-behaved their kids are. And every time Tom and Mindy are so humble about it...but the truth is they are really great parents! Their family is so fun...I'd want to be part of it if I didn't already have my own. Not only are the kids well-behaved and incredibly cute (as they always have been) but now they have personalities too! We ventured out into a field of flowers and upon our arrival we found that this field was also growing a very rare and coveted flower called the dandelion. Mindy showed Holland how to blow all the little pieces off the dandelions and she kept running around the field saying, "I want another wish!" sweet!

This first picture reminds me so much of the first one from last year's session, only with a bigger version of Holland and Cole.