I don't have a problem with a rainy day...even rainy DAYS aren't so bad. A run in the rain is so freeing and good for the soul...or maybe not even a run, just puddle stomping and throwing sticks in streams (Kevin and I have stick races in the gutter all the time...don't mock, we don't have cable). But non-stop gray skies are not acceptable anymore...I'm ready for Charlotte to see the sun again! And it looks like it is going to happen...TOMORROW! Woohooo! After rescheduling a handful of shoots due to the rain these past 5 or 6 days, I had some time to catch up on wedding albums and all kinds of businessy things. I looked back at my calendar for the first quarter of this year and I realized that I have been so blessed with time to travel and see family and hang out on weekends a bit more than usual and as I looked at the craziness that I have scheduled for rest of this month and next month I started thinking that the glory days are over...and then I got butterflies in my stomach about the two weddings I have coming up this weekend and I realized how much I've missed photographing weddings ( on sentence)! Weddings are so different than all the other kind of sessions...there is so much emotion flying around and happiness all over people's faces and dance moves. Needless to say, I appreciated the past three weddingless months but I'm pretty excited about the chaos of weddings galore in the coming months! Until then here are a few shots of Carri and Ryan's wedding album that just came in last week!