Woooohoooo!! In case you have trouble reading Sharpie feet...WE'RE NOW OFFERING PHOTOBOOTH!

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: insanely memorable photos of your wedding guests!

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR ME: capturing your family and friends letting out their weird side in the photobooth!

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR BOTH OF US: endless amounts of tom foolery, shenanigans, and chuckles!

WHAT IS IT? A backdrop and lights set up somewhere in/near your reception, usually heavily stocked with props, masks, mini chalk boards...or just your crazy friends. It's manned by an additional fun and creative photographer for 3 hours of your party!

WHAT IS IT NOT? A booth. Why would anyone ever think that? 

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE PICTURES THAT THE FUN AND CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHER TAKES? They go down in history -- after they arrive on your doorstep and make you bust a gut.


WHY ELSE? Because it is something for your guests to do when the food line is long or the dance floor is getting too sweaty! It's also a fun way to capture all your guests and remember them on your wedding day showing their true colors.

I'm so excited to add this option to the Red White and Green repertoire! There are more experimental images coming soon! Stay tuned!

*Footnotes: FIGURE #1: note the length and boniness of my fingers. they were recently called maniacal. FIGURE #2: i don't actually play the banjo. kevin does. i yodel (as seen in figure 2) FIGURE #3: that tickled like crazy. FIGURE #4: it was worth sweeping the dining room (i mean studio) twice. throwing mini pieces of paper shouldn't be that fun.