I met Caiti and Dan last September at Katie and Michael's wedding. Michael and Dan are brothers. Soon they will both have wives named Katie/Caiti! I love it! I bet the extended family members do too! Katie and Michael had one of the most laid back weddings ever but if there was anything that needed taming Caiti was all over it. She was hanging out helping Katie most of the day and she was so humble and wonderful - doing whatever anyone needed...and Dan, oh Dan...He had one of the most gut-wrenchingly sweet and memorable best-man speeches I have ever heard!

I will have the incredible privilege of hanging out with all of these guys one more time when I photograph Caiti and Dan's wedding this fall in New York where they live! Caiti contacted me months ago after she found out that she and Dan would be traveling to Charlotte for Easter weekend to see if we could schedule their engagement shoot. I was so bummed I was going to ruin our chance to do the shoot as I knew I was traveling for Easter but it just so happened that we would all be in Charlotte for the same 2 hours on Friday morning! So we made the plan! Well Friday got here and it just so happened that the rain showed up for the same two hours as the rest of us! It threatened us for the first 20 minutes and then it just came down...and down...and down. Caiti and Dan were such good sports...they were getting drenched for part of the shoot, and crawling all over the floor of a laundromat (our indoor studio :) for another part of the shoot! Didn't phase them...see for yourself!