New York City was the destination of the aforementioned surprise-one-year-anniversary-trip. I LOVE surprises. I am obsessed with the feeling you get when you thought things were going to be one way and then you realize your whole world is about to be turned upside down and you have no time to prepare. I know that makes some people start sweating but it just makes me want to jump on a bed!

Next in line just behind surprises, on the list of things I love, is asking questions. I have this sort of inate desire to just understand everything on the deepest level I'm capable of so I ask a million questions about anything and everything...which means, by default, I am so hard to surprise. But that didn't stop Mr. Determined. My husband got me on a plane to Charlotte from Birmingham, AL where our trip began -- and ended in my mind...and had me thinking we were just going home until we were walking through the airport and stopped at a gate with the destination Laguardia flashing above the desk. Next he pulled out tickets for Sister Act on Broadway. Don't Laugh. Sister Act happens to be on the top of my list of favorite feel-good movies. I know all the songs from I and II...and I think I secretly (not a secret anymore) wish I was a teenager at St. Francis High School - the fake high school in Sister Act II that gets to perform this unforgettable scene. Needless to say when I heard Sister Act was going to be a broadway musical I went nuts. And that was just the beginning of the wonderful plans that Kevin made while we were in NYC for three days. 

Most of the photographs below are documentary style. It's not that often that I am in a city that is crowded enough to take pictures of people without them noticing so I took advantage of the circumstances and tried to capture a tiny taste of the city and its interesting inhabitants.

Two images above: Kevin outside his college dorm. Image directly above: lady feeding a squirrel out of her hand. WHAT?!