I've been duped. The bamboozling began when I left the house a week and a day ago with my tricky husband. We were on our way to Alabama for a few days....Kevin had work there and his wonderful family lives in Huntsville so we decided to make a little trip out of it. Our one year anniversary was this past Sunday and I knew it wouldn't come and go without a little somethin' sneaky from Kevin because he's that kind of boy, but the adventures that ensued were totally unexpected. Pictures coming soon!

So anniversary-fun is my excuse for the prolonged blog silence over the last week and a half but enough about me. Here's Starr and Neal...and a few cameo appearances from their dog Cody! Starr and Neal are getting married in the mountains of North Carolina this summer and I cannot wait another minute for their wedding to get sounds like it is going to be incredible. Relaxed and fun environment decorated vintage-style with a rustic backdrop. The details sound beautiful! And after spending a few hours with Starr and Neal, I can't imagine anything other than relaxed and fun...they're going to make a mean (as in really good) bride and groom. 

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures...and thanks for your patience!