julie and andrew - charlotte wedding photographer

Julie and Andrew have quite an interesting story. They both went to Queens University here in Charlotte where they studied journalism. They had classes together and knew each other but they both graduated and moved away to start their careers. A few years later they both had Charlotte on their minds and ended up back in the same city again...and the sparks flew! 

These two were tons of fun and soooo laid back. Their only request was that we shot some of their session at Queens, where their story really began. The campus is tucked neatly away in a beautiful neighborhood and may I just say that it is well equipped with water fountains. I always like making the school a part of my running route so I have an excuse to stop frequently. Besides water fountains, it has a lot of old architecture, lovely arches, each catching symmetry, and a really cool art building that we snuck into for a few shots.

Julie and Andrew and I laughed a ton on their shoot. They enjoy each other so much. I loved getting to witness their relationship. Thanks you guys!