Andi plus Cody plus wind equals fun. I'm not sure that this kind of wind would've equaled fun with just any ol' couple but Andi and Cody worked it. Andi's curls were floating fancy free in the wind -- sometimes in Cody's face -- but they just embraced it.

Andi and Cody met while in school and they just moved to Charlotte from South Dakota!! They are both engineers and they will be wed in the fall in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm pretty happy to know they found each other...they seem so right together. My favorite thing about hanging out with Andi and Cody on the windiest day in the world was how much we got to play! There were so many times where the gale force winds were either blowing Andi's hair to another planet or blowing my own hair in front of the lens or blowing one of their clothes into oblivion (check out Cody's wind-generated Santa belly in one of the pictures) that we had to just wait for it to stop to snap a few. We were at the mercy of the elements :) And it's a great reminder that we're never really as "in control" as we think. We even ran into a dollar store to get some tiny wind mills...our attempt at embracing the circumstances! Andi and Cody live like this on a normal day anyway -- they were telling me during our session that they've been enjoying exploring the Carolinas and a few weekends ago, half way through a Saturday, they were driving home and they decided to drive past their house and continue onto the beach just because they felt like checking it out. So fun. 

Andi and Cody thanks for being wonderful! I hope you enjoy the pictures!