shmancy new look

Woooohooo!!! I'm so excited to finally be making this post...though I'm sure I am a lot more excited about it than any of you...unless there are some serious graphic design/photographer/arts and crafts nerds out there (no mocking in my voice I'm the latter two)! The big news...Red White and Green has a new look! Before I introduce it, let me just say a few things about how I arrived here.

First, why the name Red White and Green? Because I was being me...and not really thinking beyond the moment where I was sitting in my car in a parking lot writing down the address to a prime photo-shoot location that happened to be a brick building painted red, white, and green. So here's the story...I got up one morning 3 years ago when I was just beginning to get my feet wet as a professional photographer and I decided it was time to pick a name and create a blog. Throughout the course of that day I ended up scouting locations for a photo shoot and while on the drive I was asking myself what names would be cool. The only criteria I really had was that I didn't want to name the business after myself. I don't even really know why not. I was just hunting for something fun. I wasn't coming up with anything on that car ride was really striking my fancy...(I really want to be able to include potential names that I came up with that day right here in this sentence but I can't remember any of them so sorry for the let down). When I pulled into that lovely parking lot that day and saw the red white and green stripes...the following things came into my mind, "oooo, that could be nice because people are expecting red, white and _____ to be red, white, and blue but when they see it's red, white, and green they will realize that RWG Photography is unexpected...not typical"....or "well, I am Italian after all and this name will allow me to display my heritage without using my last name (but let's face it Trapasso might have been cooler)"...or "I like the idea of being able to use colors as identification of the brand." The following thoughts did NOT cross my mind, ", white, and green....CHRISTMAS"....or "that's a heck-of-a long name for a website...or a check...or a header..." or "will I explain this story to every person that asks me why the business is named red white and green...?" Nope, none of those things popped into my head (some people in my family have been known to call this character trait magic carpet world...rightfully so in this application) So it was just me, my minivan, and the wide-open future of photography. And right there, that ordinary day, I named myself Red White and Green Photography. As you've noticed, I have realized a few of the limitations of my whimsical choice since that blissful day, but what would life be like without a few hurdles? Over time my love-hate relationship with the name has grown into a no-regrets, love relationship!

Before I press onto the big introduction...I must thank my husband for the peanut. Anybody remember the little peanut? Here he is. Initially, I wasn't too worried about having a brand identity...I was basically trying to figure out how to work a blog and get faster at editing. So naturally I chose a red, white, and green peanut. Why you might ask...because I love peanuts, in the shell or out, honey roasted or dry roasted, crushed into creamy peanut butter or crunchy peanut butter, artfully baked into cookies, or mixed with m&m's and raisins. I love peanuts and I even have an affinity for the word peanut (in reference to a small child...or not so small too). So Kevin created the peanut and he was the face of Red White and Green in the early years. RIP peanut logo...

I knew I wanted something fun to launch 2011 a few months ago I started working with the lovely Erica Anne on a bit of a new look and some unique packaging. I brought her about a thousand ideas...complete with pictures and specific questions about each possibility...I'm surprised she didn't slap me out of the coffee shop. Eventually she created something so perfectly Red White and Green...and HERE IT IS:

Yeahhhhh! Thanks Erica! I cannot tell the world enough times how great Erica is. Incredibly patient, attentive, creative, thorough...and joyful! It was such a pleasure working with her and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a graphic designer or a packaging overhaul of any kind! She had so many fun ideas...I couldn't bare the thought of ending up with just one...but the pennant had been on my mind since day one! Pennants are so symbolic of celebration and happiness and they're just plain fun! I love that as a photographer I always get to be around celebrating people! Those celebrating their engagement...or their marriage, or the birth of their tiny baby, or even just celebrating life and family! It's so joyous...and I feel like each time I have the opportunity to photograph someone new I get to take a little adventure into their celebration of life...or love...or both. So needless to say, it feels good to stamp, or wrap, or write on a thank you note that contains a little mini-pennant that feels like a silent version of: wooohooo!!

If you've gotten to this point...thanks for indulging in my new logo shenanigans! It took me a little longer than I had hoped to get this post in the making because I promised myself I would update all the pages on my website before I made this post. So if you've got anything left in you...go check it out

Here's to celebrating!