Oooohhhh....Esther...she is one in a million. Maybe even kind of an anomaly. She is so many great things that it almost seems unnatural to be able to be all of them. She is thoughtful and creative...she's intentional...she has great ideas. She can be quiet and introspective. She can be funny and uncontrollable. She is deep and interested. She cares about social justice and noticing people that aren't always noticed. She's smart and adventurer and a conqueror. And the best part of it all is that she's never faking it. She is wonderful!

I got to meet Esther through her sister, whose wedding I shot last summer when Esther was pretty new to Charlotte. She moved here from Nebraska, where she had moved from I said she's an adventurer. She was dabbling in a few things initially while she got her feet on the ground. Lucky me, one of them was photography. After meeting Esther and hearing about her background in art and photography and so many other cool things, I asked her to join me as my second shooter for the second half of last year. Greatest decision ever! Esther is a hard worker and she sets people at ease. And she put up with my less-than-good-driving and my sometimes irrational behavior that can be induced by hunger at any moment. I also came upon a self-discovery...working with other creative people makes me double-creative. I like to think Esther and I were a pretty dynamic duo! 

The bad news: Esther isn't second shooting with me as much these days. Good news: she got a wonderful job that uses all her gifts and she is fantastic at it. Other good news: Esther is still my friend. And she still inspires me to be creative. Here she is being her grand self.