riley mae

Happy Valentine's Day! I was thinking I should be posting some really romantic, lovey couples session in honor of Valentine's Day but truly what is sweeter than a brand new little family to welcome the love-holiday? I'm so glad I got to meet the Williams family...Riley was 14 days old when I photographed her! So tiny and cuddley! I truly loved getting a little peak into the family's newborn baby world. Their house was so welcoming and WARM - Riley's dad had the grand idea of turning the heat up really high during the photo shoot to keep Riley as warm and happy as he worked!! Melissa (Riley's mom) was letting me in on all the things you just don't know until you take your baby home from the hospital for the first time (so enlightening)...but she was so relaxed and calm about it!! They made me feel so good about arranging their baby in baskets and blankets all over their house and rearranging their living room furniture in front of their huge front window with gorgeous natural light! Thank you guys so much for your easy goingness. It was such a joy getting to witness the overwhelming love you are lavishing on your wonderful little girl! Thanks! Enjoy the pictures!